Duty of Care Online

This whitepaper offers helpful hints for establishing comprehensive online duty of care procedures, which is essential reading for any online business. When setting up an online business, it is important to consider the legal aspects required. A business must protect itself and customers with an adequate privacy policy and legally binding terms and conditions. This ensures proper duty of care on behalf of the business in the online environment. Privacy is a common topic of concern among online users of websites. Any website through which users engage, interact or transact has a responsibility to adopt and implement a comprehensive privacy policy. This paper provides guidelines on the factors that the privacy policy of a website must address, such as choice and content, the collection, use, disclosure, storage and security of personal information. Moreover, for protection from legal action and to make the online terms and conditions legally binding, all online businesses must incorporate a website disclaimer. This paper makes reference to the factors that must be addressed in a website disclaimer to protect both the organization and the consumer, such as waiving liability for accuracy of information, risk and responsibility for products and services, copyright infringements and unauthorized usage. The means by which to implement the terms and conditions of the website in order to make them legally binding are also discussed.

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