DynaSPOT: Dynamic Services Provisioned Optical Transport Test-Bed - Achieving Multirate Multiservice Dynamic Provisioning Using Strongly Connected Light-Trail (SLiT) Technology

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Executive Summary

In this paper, the authors report on the Dynamic Services Provisioned Optical Transport (DynaSPOT) test-bed - a next-generation metro ring architecture that facilitates provisioning of emerging services such as Triple Play, Video-on-Demand (VoD), PseudoWire Edge-to-Edge Emulation (PWE3), IPTV, and Data Center Storage traffic. The test-bed is based on the recently proposed Strongly connected Light-Trail (SLiT) technology that enables the triple features of dynamic provisioning, spatial subwavelength grooming and optical multicasting - that are quintessential for provisioning of the aforementioned emerging services. SLiT technology entails the use of a bidirectional optical wavelength bus that is time-shared by nodes through an out-of-band control channel.

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