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E-mail Security Buyer's Guide: Software, Appliance, Managed Service

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Executive Summary

Email security solutions fall into three basic categories: software-based, appliance-based and managed services (also known as SaaS - Software-as-a-Service). Key weaknesses of software-based and appliance-based solutions include:

  • Difficulties in ensuring the solution stays up-to-date
  • Major commitment of in-house IT resources
  • Ongoing investment in additional software/hardware etc, substantially increasing total cost of ownership
By comparison, managed services offer many clear advantages:
  • A clean email "pipe"
  • Round-the-clock, constantly updated real-time protection
  • Freeing up of in-house IT resources
  • Lower costs
MessageLabs is the leading vendor of SaaS worldwide. Its unique proprietary technology, Skeptic?, and world-leading global infrastructure enable MessageLabs to deliver benchmark levels of accurate threat protection at extremely competitive cost; its services also offer unrivalled Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and ease of use. From protection of business continuity, confidential data and brand image, to effective implementation of company email policies and regulatory compliance at national and international level - MessageLabs managed services represent the best email security solution for business.

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