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Executive Summary

It was a thing of the past when one could not attach files or images to the existing Oracle Application Express application. With the new Oracle Application Express 3.1 one can now easily attach all the attachments such as Microsoft Word documents, presentation files, or images to your existing Oracle Application Express application. Not only that Oracle Application Express 3.1 also make it simple for the user to add attachment support and manage Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) within the database. As the application allows the user to store BLOBs in its database it was realized that with a single column available, it may be difficult to effectively manage files being uploaded and downloaded and to display them correctly in the application. Therefore, it was considered necessary to create a new table in the application with a BLOB column and additional columns that support BLOBs because a MIME-type column ensures that the application correctly displays the file; a filename column provides the correct name when the file is being downloaded and; a last-update column enables the application to cache the image until it is updated. This paper provides detailed steps required to modify an existing Oracle Application Express application to store BLOBs, using a new table to store both the BLOBs and additional information. The steps involved are preliminary application loading, creating the attachments table, maintaining the attachments, and integrating Attachments into the report page.

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