Eclipse Swordfish - an Open Source SOA Runtime Framework for the Enterprise

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Executive Summary

Service Oriented Architecture has always been ably supported by the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). But it has been noticed in the past that although part of every vendor's SOA strategy, ESBs have not been able to make thorough use of SOA at a number of occasions. This happens because of the large footprint, the centralized architecture, and the effort required to integrate them into an existing application landscape. Swordfish, which is considered the next-generation ESB, has been built on proven open source components such as Apache ServiceMix and Apache CXF. Swordfish provides an extensible framework because of which application developers and system integrators are able to create their own ESB. This way the open source ESB can be customized to suit the requirement of the developer. The Swordfish ESB is able to provide users with extensible frameworks and exemplary plugins. It is able to provide enterprise-grade plugins, which makes them a full-fledged open source ESB. This paper discusses the advantages of Swordfish over other open source ESBs. Some of the features of Swordfish have developed from many years of SOA experience that arose from real-world enterprise settings. This paper concludes with a discussion on Service Registry that will be complemented by a Service Repository. The Service Repository allows SOA-related artifacts created as part of the SOA artifact workflow to be stored in a reliable and traceable manner.

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