Effect of Fading Correlation on the Performance of Spatial Multiplexed MIMO Systems with Circular Antennas

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In this paper the performance of the Vertical Bell LAboratories Space-Time (V-BLAST) detection that is used in spatial multiplexed MIMO system is investigated when fading correlation effects is included. Simulations of MIMO systems are developed employing accurate stochastic spatial channel model for both the Uniform Linear Array (ULA) and Uniform Circular Array (UCA) geometries. Systems applying VBLAST detection and utilizing UCA are compared with the other existing ULA antenna. Recently, A realistic spatially and temporally clustered channel model is developed to be applied in the simulation of UCA based MIMO systems applying IEEE 802.11n standard. This model accounts for six various real propagation scenarios that are applied in IEEE 802.11n channel model. These models represent a variety of indoor environments.