Efficient and Green IT - Virtualization and Thin Clients

Virtualization and deployment of thin clients resulted in reduced operational costs as well as low energy emissions with iGate visualization along with the benefit of ease of maintenance and support costs, quicker time to market and better server utilizations stats. Another reason for these saving is the implementation of thin clients that many organizations have taken positively to. The new age goals for CIOs are to reduce operational costs to make available resources for investment in growth initiatives as well as reducing energy and resource usage to contribute to a green organization. The paper provides an overview of the above technologies, iGATE's approach and experience with the above technologies, the best practices that were followed during deployment and finally the value and services that iGATE brings to the table in this sphere. On basis of suitable examples cited in the paper, virtualization and thin clients provide significant operational (cost and resource) benefits while also reducing the amount of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. With virtualization, companies are able to enable multiple operating systems to run concurrently on the same physical computer. This is made possible by abstracting the physical hardware away from the operating systems. With virtualization, these all separate operating systems function as a self-contained computer, or virtual machine. These virtual machines are easily moveable from one hardware platform to another. The hardware on which the operating systems function is called the Host.

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