Data Management

Efficient Testing of Database Applications

Date Added: May 2009
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A computer aided formula is often a useful solution when it comes to test suites that take the final decision on the way test requirement is to be executed - hypothetically or traditionally. Talking about efficient testing of database applications, this document presents a pseudo code for hypothetical inserting and deleting tuple in the database without changing the originality of the database. Also, this paper engages in testing the application program of proposed HDT with insert, and delete. The paper also lists the advantage of hypothetical database testing. This kind of hypothetical database testing is both cost effective and time reducing strategy. Apart from this, an additional benefit offered by this proposed technique is that the original database remains intact throughout the process. Although traditional database testing is also cost effective and time reducing in approach, but in case forced reset is used at any stage, both the cost and time increases with it. Hypothetical Database Testing (HDT) takes less time to reset the desired database state as compared to the traditional one. This is so because hypothetical rollback takes lesser time to reach desired database state. The paper also discusses that in traditional database testing originality of the database is not maintained after executing test suites, whereas in the proposed technique it remains intact.