EJB 3.0: Enterprise JavaBeans

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Executive Summary

Sun Microsystems defines Enterprise JavaBeans as component based architecture designed to implement distributed business applications. EJB is a Java technology designed for enterprise applications. EJB systems are scalable, support transactions, offer security in multiuser environments and when once written, run on many platforms that support EJB specification. Enterprise JavaBeans, in the newest version 3.0, decreases the number of programming artifacts for developers to provide, minimizes callback methods required to be implemented, reduces complexity of the entity bean programming model and O/R mapping model .Its main goal is simplification of an application development process . Main part of EJB architecture is the EJB Container that defines an executable environment for EJB components; it integrates enterprise services and mechanisms. Rest of EJB architecture contains mechanisms and services such as persistence management, message-oriented programming and connector architecture. The new EJB 3.0 implementation: avoided using EJBHome design pattern, improved EJB Container mechanisms responsible for creating component references and searching over JNDI, session components are now Plain Old Java Objects (POJO) that can implement just a business interfaces. EJB 3.0 is easier with fewer program artifacts and intuitive defaults. These and some others improvement in EJB standard made from it, make it a great technology ready to use in development of enterprise applications.EJB 3.0 specification attracts professional Java developers to study it and ease development process of JEE applications.

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