Embracing Government 2.0: Leading Transformative Change In The Public Sector

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Organizations use traditional Internet, or Web 1.0, techniques for 'out of network' behaviors (Kobza, 2008). Using this network metaphor, organizations build relationships by creating and pitching messages into networks of which they are not a part. Like advertising. Outside looking in. And, pushing messages to an audience in hopes of building awareness or influencing behaviour. Social networking, sometimes called Web 2.0 (O'Reilly, 2005), or Enterprise 2.0 in the business environment (Frappaolo, 2008), enables social collaboration. Web 2.0 turns the Web 1.0 model inside out. Rather than passive onlookers, organizations reside "In-network" - as an integral part of the network, contributing to discussions as peers rather than outsiders.