EMC Replication Manager and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

Date Added: Mar 2010
Format: PDF

The EMC Replication Manager has the ability to integrate with Microsoft Exchange 2007 has seen a significant change in clustering. There are no more clustered mailbox servers, nor does it use the Windows Failover Cluster resources change 2007 to offer an end to end solution of continuous availability. Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 now delivers even more high- value messaging features to a wide range of customers form large enterprise down to small business through a highly scalable product that can help companies meet their messaging goals. They include enhancement security and threat protection from new techniques aimed at spam and virus elimination, Enhanced performance utilizing an X64(64 bit) architecture and Additional compliance measures with expanded records management and journaling capabilities. The replica merging servers and replica merger agents are used to create better performance. To support Exchange Server 2007 on Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Replication Managers uses Microsoft VSS technology. The agents enable the Replica Manger to complete tasks like Specify which storage group to replicate, Ensure that the data can be replicated safely, Return the data base to normal operation and Dismount mailbox stores during restore operations. Replication Manger offers comprehensive protection for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 environments and can create disk replicas that can be mounted to test the database consistency, resorted and recovered.