Enabling 100 Gigabit Ethernet Implementing PCS Lanes

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Executive Summary

If higher-speed Ethernet is to be useful in the near term, implementations must take advantage of existing copper and fiber cables, both in the data center and over the Internet. This poses an interesting problem since no technology currently exists to transport 100 Gbps or 40 Gbps as a single stream over either media. In order to transport 100 GbE over single-mode fibers, for example, 4 different wavelengths will be required using LAN Wavelength-Division Multiplexing (LAN WDM). Similarly, the device interfaces found in routers, switches and servers that drive these higher-speed links cannot currently handle single 100 Gbps or 40 Gbps data streams. They will be forced to resort to parallel electrical "lanes" to handle the flow of data; for example, 10 lanes of 10 Gbps.

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