Energy Star Version 5.0 System Implementation

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Executive Summary

Modern computers have a growing all-pervasive presence in offices and homes as they help increase productivity and improve entertainment and utility value. This fast-paced growth, albeit progressive, has concerns of energy consumption and ecological impact associated with it. Companies such as Intel have delivered innovations that enable delivery of technologies that can offset and even reduce the energy consumed by computers. Intel and EPA have jointly created a document that provides system providers with key understandings on how to specify and test system configurations that meet the required power levels of the new specification. In 2009, ENERGY STAR computer specifications were updated to Version 5.0. These specifications expand on the tests and methodologies presented in the earlier version 4.0, and enhance its purview to address some new product areas. The new testing criteria and power/energy limits aim is to reduce the amount of energy consumed by an average of 30%1F1F. It specifies many new system level requirements that must be met in order to carry the ENERGY STAR logo on computers and provides some key insights into the delivery of desktop, notebook and workstation systems that are in a good position to meet the requirements in the new ENERGY STAR specification. It aims to offer more qualified products to more consumers, improve new home construction, enhance comfort, efficiency of existing homes, and save energy in the commercial and industrial sectors.

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