Enhanced Selective Encryption Algorithm for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

This paper is to implement the concept of selective encryption algorithm for wireless ad hoc network with the Quadrature Mirror Filters and Lossless compression Techniques. First Section presents the principles of Selective encryption algorithm such as Toss-A-coin selective encryption algorithm and Probabilistic selective encryption algorithm. In a Toss-A - coin algorithm only 50% of communicated data will be encrypted and remaining 50% will be unencrypted and, it is transferred as it is. It requires more bandwidth. Here the unencrypted data is compressed by a Quadrature Mirror Filters and Lossless compression Techniques. Only the intended receiver can decrypt and decompress the message and other unauthorized nodes have no knowledge about the transmitted messages on the whole.

Provided by: International Journal of Computing Technology and Information Security Topic: Mobility Date Added: Dec 2011 Format: PDF

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