Enhancing Exchange Server 2010 Availability with Neverfail - Best Practices for Simplifying and Automating Email Continuity

Date Added: Feb 2010
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The ability to communicate information effectively and quickly via email and messaging services are the priorities of various business organizations. The problems related to messaging and email can cause various problems including downtime and loss of data. The IT organizations plan and execute various solutions to reduce the impact of losses in service. Various features available in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 platform are discussed in this paper with considerations including planning, migration, and cost. It also provides details on how Neverfail' technology helps various IT organizations in building an efficient, manageable, and cost-effective messaging infrastructure. Neverfail provides high availability solutions that help organizations in addressing possible issues and limitations found in the Exchange Server 2010 platform. Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 discussed in this paper provides various new features, benefits, and advantages over the other versions of the product. Neverfail is designed to support Exchange Server 2010 and can also reduce the cost and difficulty of implementing a highly-available messaging infrastructure. With the help of various features such as AMF and WANSmart, organizations achieve the benefits of Exchange Server 2010 while reducing the costs of high availability. This paper provides various practices that can help in simplifying and automating email connection. Microsoft's Exchange Server 2010 platform has increased to address the needs of high-availability, disaster recovery, performance. Data and figures mentioned here are reliable and accurate.