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Enhancing IEEE 802.11a/n With Dynamic Single-User OFDM Adaptation

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Executive Summary

Earlier paper have demonstrated that the achievable throughput of OFDM systems can benefit significantly from individual modulation/transmit power selection on a per sub-carrier basis according to the actual gain of individual sub-carriers (so called dynamic OFDM scheme). Usage of such approach requires, however, providing support for additional functionalities like: acquisition of the sub-carrier gains, signaling of the used modulation types between sender and receiver, etc. Therefore dynamic OFDM is actively pursued for future radio interfaces, rather than considered as extension of existing OFDM based standards. This paper introduces a proposal how the widely accepted IEEE 802.11a/g systems as well as the emerging IEEE 802.11n system might be extended to support the dynamic OFDM in a single-user (point-to-point) setting.

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