Enhancing the Performance of Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Connected Dominating Sets

Date Added: Feb 2013
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Connected Dominating Sets (CDS) are very useful in improving the routing for Mobile Ad-hoc NETworks (MANETs). A CDS will act as a virtual backbone for communication in the ad hoc networks. Due to the importance of the CDS in routing, formation and selection of the CDS will have significance impact on routing and performance of the network. In the literature number of metrics was proposed to select and form a CDS in a network. In this paper, the authors studied and analyzed algorithms to construct CDS based on different metrics. The algorithms examined include Minimum Velocity-based CDS (MinV-CDS), Maximum Density CDS (MaxD-CDS), Node ID-based CDS (ID-CDS), Node Stability Index-based (NSI-CDS) and Strong-Neighborhood based CDS (SN-CDS).