Enterprise 2.0 Adoption Strategies

This paper provides clarity of Enterprise 2.0 adoption strategies. Discussion about Enterprise 2.0 does not go beyond the idea of Return on Investment and people within organizations must provide compelling ROI to the management to get approval for Enterprise 2.0 adoption. There is no standardized approach of calculating the ROI of Enterprise 2.0, since it is not a single thing and it refers to a broad spectrum of Web 2.0 participatory, tools that is deployed for social media within the firewall. Every implementation is unique as the need of the organization that wishes to implement Enterprise 2.0 will be different. This makes the standardization measurement difficult and makes the understanding more complicated. It is important to shape the tools to the requirement of the organization and one must understand what they are trying to achieve before you design the approach to adoption. There are several benefits of Enterprise 2.0 adoption including providing awareness about the organization and people, make relevant information available to people across the organization and strengthen the team within the organization through social network. Enterprise 2.0 adoption is generally done in three phases and a successful adoption should not be done by force. The adoption must provide the needed energy for people to make it more successful within the organization rather than driving it with force.

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