Data Management

Enterprise Data Center: A Look at Power Efficiencies

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Executive Summary

Data centers as an inevitable part of a productive IT infrastructure. They are extensive and provide numerous benefits to software solutions. The undeniable fact is that setting up of a data centre requires heavy capital costs and equally high operational costs. As the IT infrastructure of most data centers is high in density and cannot compromise on quality, the costs of setting up servers, storage and network devices are high. The running expenses associated with a data centre involve one major cost-that of power consumption. The IT infrastructure of any modern data centre will need to incur heavy power costs. It is a primary addition to the total cost of ownership. This paper picks three key components that can be measures to evaluate likely improvements in efficiency of a data center. These include power distribution, cooling infrastructure and IT infrastructure. While power distribution keeps a check on providing reliable power to critical IT equipment, cooling infrastructure helps manage heat generated by the IT equipment. The paper understands different aspects of these three components that can be addressed to provide improvements in overall efficiency of a data center. Integrating these three components, the paper categorizes and presents methods and technologies to curtail expenses associated with upfront capital required and operating costs. Together, these measures can help reduce the total cost of ownership.

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