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Enterprise Edition Analytic Data Warehouse Technology

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Executive Summary

Over the last several years, Business Intelligence (BI) has emerged to become a key driver for business owners and managers through which they understand the health of their companies and take strategic decisions. They have also realized the importance of managing the vast pools of information to allow easy and timely accessibility to smart intelligence which will help them make critical decisions. BI helps the decision makers to convert raw data into useful information. Moreover, with ever increasing volumes of data and the need for real time interpretation, well founded Data Warehousing (DW) is required. Unavailability of modern and appropriate technology and tools makes the tasks of BI and data warehousing complicated and ineffective. One of the areas of business which deal with high volumes of data is analytics. It could be analytics related to any division such as finance, risk management, fraud control, sales or marketing. The innovative architecture designed by Infobright is designed to handle data from 500GB to 30 TB and is ideally suited for handling large data pools for analytic DW. The product also offers efficient storage solutions, fast response time and easy usability. These cost effective data mining and warehousing solutions increase efficiency of the IT systems and offers faster data processing capabilities for the analytics applications. The implementation and the management of these systems do not involve expensive licensing or specialized infrastructure cost and is the perfect solution for Analytic Data Warehousing.

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