Enterprise Fixed-Mobile Convergence (eFMC)

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The gaining popularity of smartphones and the integration of Wi-Fi capabilities into these phones raises the question of why not consolidate multiple services into a single hardware device. This is the goal of enterprise Fixed-Mobile Convergence (eFMC) technology. The primary value of an eFMC solution is that it allows dual-mode (Wi-Fi & cellular) capable smart-phones to assume a single identity irrespective of their mode of connectivity and seamlessly maintain calls during transitions from one mode to another. Aruba Networks (NASDAQ - ARUN) is a leading provider of secure enterprise mobility solutions. Aruba's offerings include Campus WLAN solutions based on the 802.11 a/b/g/n standards and Branch Office solutions for secure SOHO deployments. Agito Networks is a leading provider of enterprise Fixed-Mobile Convergence (eFMC) solutions.