Enterprise Open Source SOA from WSO2: The Best of Both Worlds

Date Added: Jul 2009
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When it comes to implementation of web services and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), information architects across the globe are trying to grasp its appeal and change the way their enterprise appears. Small and large organizations across the world are following their lead to learn how to achieve better interoperability with the deployment of web services. With these understandings, a number of companies have moved on to deploy loosely coupled services into an SOA. This deployment has the promise of enhanced agility and flexibility through service reuse. This is possible with the building of a scalable, future-proof architecture. There are two primary concerns that SOA vendors face with this - upfront expense and vendor lock in. These problems have caused tremendous harm to a number of executives and organizations who took to SOA. This paper discusses the WSO2, which is an Enterprise Open Source SOA. This is a safe and sane alternative that provides open source software through individual applications and complete solutions. There is no licensing fee with it and WSO2 is able to provide interoperable, flexible solutions. WSO2 gets rid of upfront expense and vendor lock in from the equation. WSO2 was founded in 2005 by Sanjiva Weerawarana and Paul Fremantle. The WSO2 business model is based on offering enterprise class training, support and consulting services.