Social Enterprise

Enterprise Social Computing Strategy

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Executive Summary

Social media and communication has taken the world by a storm and people all over are reeling under its effects. The paper here sheds light on the fact that organizations, which have voluntarily been laid back or have been left behind in this historical revolution, now need to pull up their socks. It's time to get involved. But why should enterprises go the social way? Well, there are many reasons for it and one of them is to foster creativity & knowledge sharing. Adopting the social lifestyle also improves business efficiency, enhances communication and collaboration along with increase the productivity on a regular basis. What does an enterprise need to do to jump on the bandwagon? The answers are simple. When planning to take the plunge, it is essential that one knows what is happening and take steps in tandem with that. Hitting arrows in the air, hoping they will strike and make one lucky, is an approach that will not work. One also needs to make sure the content is relevant and helping users search for it with ease is a crucial part of the plan. All social media applications that are growing in size have one thing in common -their ease of use. This principle has to be applied here too, if one needs to see success in the future.

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