Epics IOC of Windows XP-Based Oscilloscope for Fast BPM Data Acquisition System

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The KEK Linac is a 600-m-long injector that delivers electron/positron beam to the four independent rings. The non-destructive Beam Position Monitor (BPM) is an indispensable diagnostic tool for a long-term stable beam operation. In the KEK Linac, around one hundred BPMs with the four strip-line type electrodes are used for the beam orbit measurement. The beam orbit data is used for the beam orbit and energy feedback loops. The previous BPM Data Acquisition (DAQ) system consists of a VME CPU and a digital oscilloscope, and it has been installed more than decade ago. Although the maximum linac beam repetition rate is 50 Hz, the maximum DAQ rate of previous system is about 1 Hz limited by an oscilloscope performance.