Error Rate Analysis of Subcarrier Intensity Modulation Using Rectangular QAM in Gamma-Gamma Turbulence

Date Added: Nov 2012
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Wireless Optical Communication (WOC) system in recent years has become a promising solution for short distance communications due to its optical-fiber-like performance at a fraction of cost of fiber optics networks. Performance of WOC systems strongly depends on atmospheric conditions. Optical signal transmitted through free space suffers random intensity fluctuation, known as scintillation, which is a major source of degradation of the performance of WOC systems. Owing to its simplicity, On-Off Keying (OOK) system with Intensity Modulations/Direct Detection (IM/DD) is widely used for WOC applications. However, due to random scintillation, such a system requires adaptive thresholds in order to achieve its optimal performance.