Ethical Hacking Techniques

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As public and private organizations migrate more of their critical functions to the Internet, criminals have more opportunity and incentive to gain access to sensitive information through the Web application. Gartner Group estimates that 75 percent of Web site hacks that occur today happen at the application level and this number is expected to increase. Hackers target the web application because it easily provides access to the most valuable business assets, such as employee and customer data (like health records and credit card information) as well as corporate proprietary information. While most web sites are heavily secured at the network level with firewalls and encryption tools, these sites still allow hackers complete access to the enterprise through web application manipulation.

Understanding the techniques hackers use to manipulate Web applications and steal credit card data, falsify financial transactions or access proprietary information, is the first step in learning how to secure the Web application. This article will explain why the Web application is so vulnerable to attack and discuss three of the most common Web application hacking techniques and detail how to protect against these attacks and protect your mission critical information.