Evaluating the Communication Performance of an Ad Hoc Wireless Network Using Mesh Connectivity Layer (MCL) Protocol

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Several routing protocols for wireless network have been proposed in this paper to enable multihop wireless network and the performance of such protocol is evaluated based on simulations. The practically of ad hoc wireless network is evaluated and the performance is investigated. Many Ad hoc wireless devices were equipped with wireless card running an adaptive ad hoc routing protocol like Mesh Connectivity Layer (MCL) in order to evaluate the protocol performance for multihop network. Such experiments are conducted using ping utility from the source to intended destination. The experimental results obtained show that it is possible to perform multihop wireless network. This paper also examines the effect of varying packet size, beaconing interval, and route hop count on end-to-end delay, communication throughput, and packet loss performance and file transfer time over multihop wireless link. It presents the outcome of the field testing with the series of experimental result on the performance of the multi-hop network thru the end-to-end delay, communication throughput, packet loss and FTP performance. The result revealed that the packet size and route length have a massive impact on the end-to-end delay and communication. Therefore, implementing multihop wireless network is possible with the current technology where the performance of the network is acceptable for most application.