Evolved Backup: The Next Generation of Data Backup

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Executive Summary

Most of the businesses use computers for meeting their data storage needs. This is a natural choice since older portable media is now becoming extinct. In this paper, the next generation of data storage mediums has been discussed. It pays specific attention to Computer Box's Evolved Backup. Computer Box has introduced simple yet a powerful solution for meeting everyone's need for backup, archiving and recovering their data. This solution has its own native tools for solid data encryption. The paper states that this data solution uses state of the art tools which earlier were available at only very high price. Various features and benefits of the system have been studied in this paper. The system is easy to install. It has done away with labor intensive methods. This system can also be scheduled in advance, wherein it makes backups after a certain period of time. It also gives the alternative of selecting the file type. Currently it offers two options. Backed up data is then stored at two different geographical locations, which adds an extra layer of security. The paper then discusses the scalability feature of the system. It also provides any-time restoration of the data function. This facility is available in the case of complete system failure as well. The system also provides security feature by compressing and encrypting the data before its transmission.

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