Execution Times and Execution Jitter Analysis of Real-Time Tasks Under Fixed-Priority Pre-Emptive Scheduling

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Executive Summary

In this paper, the authors present worst-case and best-case execution times and (absolute) execution jitter analysis of independent, periodically activated, hard real-time tasks that are executed on a single processor under Fixed-Priority Pre-emptive Scheduling (FPPS), arbitrary phasing, (absolute) activation jitter, and deadlines at most equal to (worst-case) periods minus activation jitter. They prove that the worst-case and best-case execution time of a task is equal to its worst-case and best-case response time, respectively. They present an upper bound for execution jitter of a task expressed in terms of its best-case and worst-case execution time. They briefly consider execution times and execution jitter in other settings, such as distributed multiprocessor systems with task dependencies, tasks with arbitrary deadlines, and tasks with multiple operating modes.

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