Experimenting Hierarchical PCE Architecture in a Distributed Multi-Platform Control Plane Testbed

Date Added: Oct 2011
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The Path Computation Element (PCE) architecture is widely recognized to enable Traffic Engineering (TE) solutions even in network scenarios where available resources information exchange is limited (e.g., multi-layer, multi-domain, multi-carrier). In the typical multi-domain scenario, a single PCE is responsible for path computation inside each domain, while the inter-domain path computation is the result of a coordinated communication process among different PCEs, using the PCE Protocol (PCEP) and assuming that the domain sequence is known in advance, as, for instance, in the Backward Recursive PCE-based Computation (BRPC) procedure. A distributed control plane test-bed, connecting four European institutions, is developed to enable interoperability testing among independent PCE platforms and evaluate inter-domain computation algorithms based on the hierarchical PCE. Performance results are detailed and discussed.