Exploiting Redundancy in Iterative H.264 Joint Source and Channel Decoding for Robust Video Transmission

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In this paper, the authors propose joint optimisation of soft-bit assisted iterative joint source and channel decoding with the aid of their proposed EXIT chart optimised Redundant Source Mapping (RSM) designed for guaranteed convergence to achieve an infinitesimally low Bit Error Ratio (BER). Data-Partitioned (DP) H.264 source coded video is used to evaluate the performance of their system employing an iterative combination of RSM assisted Soft-Bit Source Decoding (SBSD) and Recursive Systematic Convolution codes (RSC) for transmission over correlated narrowband Rayleigh fading channels. EXIT Charts were utilised to analyze the effect of redundancy using different RSM schemes on the attainable system performance, while keeping the overall bitrate budget constant.