Extended eTVRA Vs. Security Checklist: Experiences in a Value-Web

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Executive Summary

Security evaluation according to ISO 15408 (Common Criteria) is a resource and time demanding activity, as well as being costly. For this reason, only few companies take their products through a Common Criteria evaluation. To support security evaluation, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has developed a Threat, Vulnerability, Risk Analysis (eTVRA) method for the Telecommunication (Telco) domain. eTVRA builds on the security risk management methodology CORAS and is structured in such a way that it provides output that can be directly fed into a Common Criteria security evaluation. In this paper, the authors evaluate the time and resource efficiency of parts of eTVRA and the quality of the result produced by following eTVRA compared to a more pragmatic approach (Protection Profile-based checklists).

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