F-LQE: A Fuzzy Link Quality Estimator for Wireless Sensor Networks

Date Added: Dec 2009
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Radio Link Quality Estimation (LQE) is a fundamental building block for Wireless Sensor Networks, namely for a reliable deployment, resource management and routing. Existing LQEs (e.g. PRR, ETX, Fourbit, and LQI) are based on a single link property, thus leading to inaccurate estimation. In this paper, the authors propose F-LQE that estimates link quality on the basis of four link quality properties: packet delivery, asymmetry, stability, and channel quality. Each of these properties is defined in linguistic terms, the natural language of Fuzzy Logic. The overall quality of the link is specified as a fuzzy rule whose evaluation returns the membership of the link in the fuzzy subset of good links. Values of the membership function are smoothed using EWMA filter to improve stability.