Fabrication and Characterization of Customer-Made 1x3 POF-Based Optical Coupler for Home Networking

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Executive Summary

Polymer Optical Fiber (POF) can be and are being used in various fields of application, especially for short haul communication application due to the high-speed data transmission, reach up to 100 meter distance data communication and of course have higher bandwidth. Hence, POF here can be seen as one of the best solution for home networking application. Customer-made multimode optical 1x3 fused-taper-twisted POF couplers have been fabricated by a perform technique. There are several systems available on the market, which can be split or combine some optical signals to be transmitted into some different channels, which are all afflicted with certain disadvantages. But all these solutions have one main disadvantage; they are all too expensive for most of the applications mentioned above.

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