Fast-Group-Decodable Space-Time Block Code

Date Added: Aug 2009
Format: PDF

To make the implementation of high-rate STBC realistic in practical systems, group-decodable and fast-decodable code structures have been separately introduced into STBC to reduce the sphere decoding complexity. However, no STBC has both the two code structures until now. In this paper, high-rate Fast-Group-Decodable STBC (FGD-STBC, which has both fast-decodable and group-decodable code structures) is proposed for the first time. The authors first derive the condition for fast-decodable code structure with the lowest sphere decoding complexity, then they prove that such fast-decodable code structure can be integrated with the group-decodable STBC for FGD-STBC construction. Analysis and simulation show that the proposed FGD-STBC has much lower decoding complexity and comparable performance with the existing Fast-Decodable STBC (FD-STBC).