Faster Network Design with Scenario Prefiltering

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The whole notion of writing this paper is to introduce and evaluate the concept of relevant scenario pre-filtering. A network is designed considering all possible configurations including network topologies, bandwidths, traffic, and policies. This paper discusses all analytical techniques that determine behavior of the network with bulk and short term TCP flows. The techniques discussed here are fast and are designed to reduce the simulation time when many scenarios must be considered. Network simulator plays an important role to evaluate various situations with different traffic characteristics. This paper is designed to address the problem of how to assess a range of simulation scenarios with only few being relevant. It suggests using Approx-sim that is a design tool that can quickly evaluate behavior of scenarios using logical means. Approx-sim is fast and scalable and can be used for a range of applications such as helping in converging on a correct SLA between two possible networks. The behavior of network is determined by alternate traffic or configuration choices. This paper employs user-supplied criteria to pre-filter the scenarios that allow the evaluation of interesting scenarios and dismissal of uninteresting ones. The data mentioned in the paper is accurate and reliable and is explained with facts and figures. It solves the point of TCP flows using analytical techniques. The existing and new models for network elements and TCP flows were combined to achieve the observations.