Feature Level Fusion of Multimodal Biometrics and Two Tier Security in ATM System

Date Added: May 2013
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Unimodal biometrics uses a single source of biometric system for personal identification. It has a variety of problems such as noise in the sense data, Intra-class variations, Inter-class similarities and spoof attacks. Multi-biometrics is a combination of one or more biometrics. In multi-biometrics the noise in any one of the biometrics will lead to high False Reject Rate (FRR) while identification. All these problems are addressed by Multimodal biometrics. Multimodal biometrics is the integration of two or more types of biometrics system (e.g. Fingerprint and Face, Face and Iris, Iris and Fingerprint). It provides a secondary means of identification in case sufficient data is not extracted from a given biometric sample.