Data Centers

Fibre Channel Over Convergence Enhanced Ethernet Enterprise Data Center Use Cases

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Executive Summary

Data Centers play an inevitable role in an IT organization. Even though a number of additions have been made to improve the performance of data centers at large, its importance cannot be challenged. Traditional data centers basically consisted of lightly utilized servers that could handle a small number of Virtual Machines. As this basic model could not attach to networks with lower bandwidth links, it came up with two major concerns-high capital expenses and high operational expenses. These occur due to under-utilized servers, multiple fabrics, and increased administration costs due to the manual effort required. To be able to overcome these hurdles, the industry came up with an improved and better-serving data center model named Dynamic Infrastructure Networking Model. This model had highly utilized servers running many Virtual Machines per server and made use of high bandwidth links to communicate with virtual storage and virtual networks.This paper focuses on seven different use cases that led to the invention of new data center models. It lays special attention on Fiber Chanel and Convergence Enhanced Ethernet Enterprise Data Center, and how one is better than the other. In addition, the paper also discusses how these new models have lead to lower capital expenses through higher utilization, and converged fabrics. Also, how they have lead to lower operational expenses through automated and integrated management that optimizes data center infrastructure.

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