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FiConn: Using Backup Port for Server Interconnection in Data Centers

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Executive Summary

Though it is known that the aim of data centres is to connect multitude servers at low cost, high network capacity having numerous online applications; the present tree-base solution is unable to meet the requirements. This paper studies the problem of building a scalable, low-cost network infrastructure for data centers, using only the commodity servers with two ports and low-end, multi-port commodity switches. A new network structure that works for servers with node degree of two in order to scale was designed to undertake this study. FiConn is a scalable solution that works with servers with two-ports only and low-cost commodity switches. It is able to scale with commodity switches and off-the-shelf servers, use traffic-aware routing that exploits the available link capacities based on traffic dynamics and balance the usage of different links to improve the overall network throughput. It is a novel server interconnection network structure that utilizes the dual-port configuration existing in most commodity data center server machines. This solution is low cost because it eliminates the use of expensive high-end switches and puts no additional hardware cost on servers. It is highly scalable to encompass thousands of servers with low diameter and high bisection width. The routing mechanisms in FiConn balance different levels of links and are traffic-aware to better utilize the link capacities according to traffic states.

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