Fine Two-Phase Routing Over Shortest Paths With Traffic Matrix

This paper presents an IP finely-distributed load-balanced routing scheme based on two-phase routing over shortest paths, where the traffic matrix is given. It is called the Fine Two-Phase Routing (F-TPR) scheme. F-TPR more finely distributes traffic from a source node to intermediate nodes than the original TPR. F-TPR determines the distribution ratios to intermediate nodes for each source - destination node pair independently. To determine an optimum set of distribution ratios, a Linear Programming (LP) formulation is derived. The authors compare the F-TPR scheme against the TPR scheme and the sophisticated Traffic Engineering (TE) scheme of Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS-TE). Numerical results show that F-TPR greatly reduces the network congestion ratio compared to TPR.

Provided by: Reed Elsevier Topic: Mobility Date Added: Jun 2010 Format: PDF

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