Fingerprint Matching System Using Level 3 Features

Fingerprint biometric security system identifies the unique property in human being and matching with template stored in database. Fingerprint details are generally defined in three levels, i.e., Level 1 (Pattern), Level 2(Minutiae points) and Level 3 (pores and contour ridges). Level 3 features are barely used by automated fingerprint verification system. This research paper presents a Level 3 fingerprint matching system. In this paper, the authors deal with pores for matching with template. With the local pore model, a SIFT algorithm is used to match the pores with template. Experiments on a good quality fingerprint dataset are performed and the results demonstrate that the proposed Level 3 features matching model performed more accurately and robustly.

Provided by: International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology (IJEST) Topic: Security Date Added: Jun 2010 Format: PDF

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