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Five Things Your IT Resources Should Be Telling You - And Aren't: Getting the Information You Need to Align Business Needs With IT Resources in a Virtualized, Consolidated World

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Executive Summary

With a goal to closely align IT and the business, ability to monitor resource utilization at business process level becomes essential. However, as Forrester study found, IT organizations are sorely lacking capabilities in this critical area. Many of the companies surveyed reported that "They managed their IT resources primarily in a reactive mode and their budget forecasting was based primarily on subjective estimates and gut feel." As organizations deploy virtualization technologies and share resources among applications, manual approaches for tracking the use of these resources are growing more unwieldy and time-consuming. And in a world where IT must continue to find ways to deliver more while cutting costs, traditional methods to compensate for a lack of information - such as over-provisioning or reactive provisioning - simply aren't acceptable business practices.

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