Fixing the Pain in Fax and Mail Automation: Discover the hard return in automating these time-intensive tasks

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Executive Summary

The modern day world of computing was supposed to bring about the paperless office. But today's office still deals with the manual tasks of faxing and mailing documents through the postal system. These two tasks appear at first blush to be trivial. Need to fax a document? Print it and drop it into the fax machine. Sending a letter? Just fill out the envelope and lick the stamp.

But as your business' need for these tasks goes beyond a minimal few, there's an unexpected cost associated with the manual processes of faxing and mailing. Sending one fax takes only a minute, but sending one hundred can take one hundred minutes. Mailing one document to clients takes but a few minutes, but each additional one serially stacks up the time and cost to your business.

Services exist today that can automate virtually every part of these processes. These services can automate every step after clicking "Print", but only if you make use of them. Read this paper to see how fax and mail automation can save your business time, money and hassles.

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