FlashLinQ: A Synchronous Distributed Scheduler for Peer-to-Peer Ad Hoc Networks

This paper proposes FlashLinQ - a synchronous peer-to-peer wireless PHY/MAC network architecture for distributed channel allocation. By leveraging the fine-grained parallel channel access of OFDM, FlashLinQ develops an analog energy-level based signaling scheme that enables SIR (Signal to Interference Ratio) based distributed scheduling. This new signaling mechanism and the corresponding allocation algorithms permit efficient channel-aware spatial resource allocation, leading to significant gains over a CSMA/CA system with RTS/CTS. FlashLinQ is a complete system architecture including timing and frequency synchronization derived from cellular spectrum, peer discovery, link management, and channel-aware distributed power, data-rate and link scheduling.

Provided by: QUALCOMM Topic: Mobility Date Added: Oct 2010 Format: PDF

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