FleXilicon Architecture and Its VLSI Implementation

Date Added: Aug 2009
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In this paper, the authors present a new coarse-grained reconfigurable architecture called FleXilicon for multimedia and wireless communications, which improves resource utilization and achieves a high degree of Loop Level Parallelism (LLP). The proposed architecture mitigates major shortcomings with existing architectures through wider memory bandwidth, reconfigurable controller, and flexible word-length support. VLSI implementation of FleXilicon indicates that the proposed pipeline architecture can achieve a high speed operation up to 1 GHz using 65-nm SOI CMOS process with moderate silicon area. To estimate the performance of FleXilicon, the authors modeled the processor in SystemC and implemented five different types of applications commonly used in wireless communications and multimedia applications and compared its performance with an ARM processor and a TI digital signal processor.