Flip-OFDM for Optical Wireless Communications

Date Added: Nov 2011
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The authors consider two uniploar OFDM techniques for optical wireless communications: Asymmetric Clipped Optical OFDM (ACO-OFDM) and Flip-OFDM. Both techniques can be used to compensate multipath distortion effects in optical wireless channels. However, ACO-OFDM has been widely studied in the literature, while the performance of Flip-OFDM has never been investigated. In this paper, they conduct the performance analysis of Flip-OFDM and propose additional modification to the original scheme in order to compare the performance of both techniques. Finally, it is shown by simulation that both techniques have the same performance but different hardware complexities. In particular, for slow fading channels, Flip-OFDM offers 50% saving in hardware complexity over ACO-OFDM at the receiver.