Folklore: Implementing Data-Untraceable and Scalable Distributed Storage

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Executive Summary

The authors have built and deployed a system called Folklore that implements a new property called data untraceability through a proactive migratory replication protocol in a large-scale distributed setting. A data untraceable object, i.e., an object whose replicas cannot be located, is probabilistically difficult to delete from the network. Folklore is a proof-of-concept system that allows data untraceability to be provided hand-in-hand with data availability, updatability, integrity, and scalability. Folklore consists of two subsystems - a pure "Proactive Folklore" system, and a "Reactive Folklore" system (R-Folklore). R-Folklore is a distributed file storage system that makes files untraceable on-demand at run-time, e.g., when a file is sensed to be under attack through intrusions.

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