Font Management in Mac OS X

Date Added: Oct 2009
Format: PDF

In Mac OS X, professional workflows involving fonts have become seemingly more difficult and confusing, resulting in delays and problems for users. Several fonts are also required for Mac OS X to properly function. Removing these fonts can affect the stability of the system. This guide contains detailed recommendations and instructions. It works efficiently with fonts in Mac OS X, configure the system to minimize font problems and improve the workflow. A font management tool is an integral part of making sense of the font mess. Font Book is the built-in font utility for Mac OS X. Font Book version 2.1 that is included with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) includes some new features that can interfere with professional font management. Mac OS X also comes with a number of international fonts for use when a non-Latin language is the preferred language. If the fonts occasionally appear garbled or one sees other strange behavior with the fonts, then there is a problem with the Mac OS X font cache. The OS X operating system makes use of these, as do vendors such as Adobe, Microsoft and Quark. Modern Mac OS X applications are usually Unicode compliant, while older applications written with for earlier standards are not as likely to be compliant. Prior to Mac OS X, the predominant character encoding for fonts and text on Mac OS was MacRoman.