Forward Error Correction Decoding for WiMAX and 3GPP LTE Modems

Date Added: Jun 2009
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In this paper, the authors review the requirements for Forward Error Correction (FEC) decoding for next generation wireless modems - mobile Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) and Third Generation Partnership Project long term evolution (3GPP LTE). FEC decoder consists of mainly three components: control channel decoder, data channel decoder, and Hybrid Automatic Repeat Query (HARQ) combining. Control channel decoder is constrained by latency budget which impacts buffering as well as power management of modem signal processing chains. For WiMAX, both Viterbi and Turbo decoders are required to receive control channel while for LTE, only Viterbi decoder is required. For data-channel, a highthroughput Turbo decoder is required to support high data rate.