Frame Aggregation and Concatenation Schemes for IEEE EDCF 802.11e: A First Order MAC and PHY Cross-Layer Model to Estimate the Throughput

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Executive Summary

The IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol has several overheads that limit the maximum net throughput. Therefore, different from PHY layer enhancements of 802.11a/.11g, the upcoming IEEE 802.11n standard will provide higher throughput with both MAC and PHY improvements. Y. Xiao has proposed and simulated several MAC enhancements based on concatenation and multi-frame transmission techniques. An analytical model to estimate the effects of the frame aggregation on the throughput of 802.11n networks can be found. As far as they are concerned, there is hard to find in the open literature the impact of these MAC enhancement schemes on performance of IEEE 802.11 WLANS with Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms.

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